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Dutch Master was born in 1998 through the need of a guaranteed, high quality range of hydroponic nutrients and additives. I had a vision and implemented the vision through to a final product. My design brief was simple! Use the best available chemicals, with the best available water and mix it all using the best available equipment and the latest, state of the art technologies!

Now, we all know that quality comes at a price – it’s never cheap, but the rewards are huge! We started by talking to the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

I needed to know which was the best tanks to mix Dutch Master in. We spoke to them about stainless steel, fibreglass and plastic. The best option, we were told, was plastic, but not just ordinary plastic. The University would only recommend High Density Polyethylene. They said that medium density would probably work but only high density was guaranteed not to leach plasticides into the mix!

Wow and wouldn’t you know it, there were no manufacturers of these 8,000 Litre tanks in South Australia. We had to ship them over from Victoria, but hey, quality comes at a price!


We then needed a consistent supply of quality chemicals. We spoke to many suppliers and decided that although other hydroponic nutrient manufacturers were predominantly using low grade chemicals, we would only use British Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Reagent Grade chemicals – the best of the best! Anything less would be full of heavy metal impurities that plants hate! Again, quality comes at a cost! But that was still not enough. I needed to make sure that every batch of Dutch Master nutrients and additives was exactly the same and consistent.

dutch_master_manufacture_image2.jpg Today’s batch must be identical to the batch six months ago and the same as the batch manufactured in twelve months time! We then commissioned a fully independent commercial NATA (the National Association of Testing Authorities) approved and registered laboratory to test each and every batch of Dutch Master made! You will note the batch code that is stamped on the back label of every product. This enables us to track manufacturing to a date. Quality and consistency comes at a price!

When the topic of pure water was raised, there were so called experts everywhere! Simply put, I needed to make my own pure water, inhouse and it had to be done with local council and EPA (Environment Protection Authority) registration. We then purchased  a Reverse Osmosis water purifier capable of producing 16,000 litres of pure water a day! We also decided that pure water alone was not enough, so we installed Ozone purifiers and then an inline final filter capable of removing the finest of bacteria! Again, quality comes at a price!

I had personally seen some of the larger nutrient manufacturers mixing their products, by hand, in some of the most appalling conditions! Not something I wanted to do.

The next major step was the actual machinery needed to bottle, cap, label, batch code and box the final product. It had to be fully automated and capable of keeping up with, what I believed, would be a big future demand for a high quality product. We found a brand new, fully automated stainless steel bottling line that cost heaps, but, we knew it would be worth it in the long run. So there we were, time to put it all together and provide you, the public, with the best damn nutrients and additives available!

Dutch Master was then designed by our inhouse, full time Doctor with a PhD in  Plant Physiology and Bio-Chemistry. This man was previously a head lecturer at a world renown University. We have always had the best Plant Sciences people designing the end product for you! Obviously, we continue to make our products better and better through constant testing and trialling in conjunction with leading Universities around the world to keep Dutch Master at the cutting edge of technology.


dutch_master_manufacture_image4.jpg Finally, our new GOLD Range of Premium products was born! Only after many years of trial and error do you come up with a range of products that is so far advanced and ahead of the rest!

As the owner of Dutch Master – I guarantee that if you use the GOLD products as recommended and directed on our Nutrient Calculator you will get the best results possible from a nutrient range!

There you have it, the history of Dutch Master – one that I am very, very proud of!

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