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BAC products are brought to you by Dutch Bio-Power. Dutch Bio-Power is proud to be an all Australian Company and has been established to bring the best nutrients and additives available to the hydroponic market.

The new industry benchmark has been redefined and set in both quality and yield, by countless growers in Holland and in the rest of Europe using B.A.C products exclusively.

Experience it for yourself today and get "B.A.C" to "where it's at".
Dutch Bio-Power is proud to introduce Biological Active Cocktail or B.A.C Products to the Australian Market.

We recognize the unique challenges of cultivating in Australia and are highly motivated to bring you only the best products to assist in achieving the best result possible.

Our range of B.A.C. Organic and Mineral Products will have you wishing you had started using them sooner.

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  • B.A.C. Bio Pellets

    B.A.C. Bio Pellet is pelleted dried cow manure treated with The Final Solution. BAC Bio Pellet is used as food for beneficial micro organisms, mainly the highly beneficial “fungi” (mycorrhiza) in the “BAC Funky Fungi”.

  • B.A.C. Bloom Stimulator

    Bloom Stimulator stimulates the growth of micro-organisms, helping your plants to produce flowers sooner. Improves oxygen creation and absorption by activating/stimulating the necessary organisms responsible. Improves the zone surrounding the roots or rhizosphere. Protects soil against all soil disease.

  • B.A.C. Final Solution

    This B.A.C. Final Solution is designed to keep waste substances in the growing medium to a minimum. The Final Solution works by stimulating certain groups of micro-organisms that in turn produce enzymes.

  • B.A.C. Foliar Spray

    BAC Foliar Nutrition ensures the quick creation of chlorophyll (green colour) in the leaf. BAC Foliar Nutrition stimulates the micro-organisms living on and in the leaf (photosynthesis bacteria) that ensure the creation of chlorophyll.

  • B.A.C. Funki Fungi

    B.A.C. Funky Fungi consists among others of 4 types of Mycorrhizae. By applying these fungi in combination with our B.A.C. stimulators, they will more rapidly and constantly concentrate around the root system of your plants.

  • B.A.C. Organic Bloom Nutrient

    B.A.C. Organic Bloom Nutrients are especially been developed to meet all needs of your crop during the bloom cycle. We only use high-quality organic nutrient substances that can be absorbed easily. By using B.A.C. Bloom Stimulator, micro-organisms are activated to ensure that the necessary elements from B.A.C. bloom nutrients are immediately available to...

  • B.A.C. Organic Grow Nutrient

    The balanced B.A.C. Organic Grow guarantees that your plants get all the nutrients they need. This will enable faster and more optimum development during the growth phase.

  • B.A.C. Organic PK Booster

    This B.A.C. PK Booster is a product with proven results in the professional agriculture and horticulture sectors in the Netherlands. This PK Booster ensures an exuberant sugar forming in your flowers. As a result of this, the quality will improve significantly. Because B.A.C. PK Booster is especially developed to meet the needs of your plants, it will not...

  • B.A.C. Organic Pro-Active

    Is an organic solution that contains specific amino acids, proteins and vitamins. The amino acids increase floral hormone production with in the plant that create  more bloom sites on the plant. The vitamins in the Pro Active increase photo synthesis output and as such vigour and vitality is also increased. The proteins create broader spectrum beneficial...

  • B.A.C. Root Simulator

    Stimulates the growth of micro-organisms in your medium that have a positive effect on the root structure. Main Features include:-Improves pH value and oxygen absorption by micro-organism activation creating oxygen in the rhizosphere. Cleans grow system and droppers. Very concentrated use at 1-2mls per 10L.

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