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Flairform GreenDream 1 Part Grow

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ONE-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil. Use in the grow cycle.

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GreenDream-1 exploits “slurry” technology to provide a nutrient formulation that is superior to 2-part nutrients.

  •     Superior nutrient balance (Graphs 9.1).  GreenDream's  slurry technology helps ensure more aggressive growth and prolific flowering
  •     Over 20% more concentrated than most 2-parts.
  •     Less pH maintenance required because of very high pH buffering capacity: Growers are able to use high alkalinity waters without experiencing large pH fluctuations and the associated poor growth results.
  •     Easier to use: There is no chance of the grower making mixing errors because all nutrients are in 1 bottle
  •     Fully soluble (no blockages): The slurry dissolves instantly when added to water and stirred. This helps prevent equipment failure (e.g. pumps, jets/drippers & filters) caused by sludge build-up.
  •     Contains the full range of chelated trace elements
  •     Universal formulation for hard and soft water.
  •     For hydroponics, coco or soil
  •     Available in Grow (3-1-5) and Bloom (2-2-6).
  •     Multilingual label

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Flairform GreenDream 1 Part Grow

Flairform GreenDream 1 Part Grow

ONE-part nutrient for hydroponics, coco and soil. Use in the grow cycle.

Flairform has been a leader in product innovation and quality for over 20 years. Having worked professionally in the field of water, agricultural and horticultural chemistry since 1966, our chemists have accumulated significant scientific expertise. This expertise has enabled us to solve many of the product development challenges facing the hydroponic industry. We are now able to offer the most technically advanced products and grower advice that enables even the most inexperienced to grow like a professional.

Up until 1992, Flairform’s Chief Chemist, Bob Taylor, was the Principal Chemist of the Water Resources section at Western Australia’s State Government Chemistry Centre. This was the State Government's consultancy service for all water related problems for the State's Water Authority, other government departments, industry and general public. Bob worked there as a Chemist from 1966 in both Agricultural Chemistry and Water Chemistry. Bob was an approved NATA signatory for a wide range of water analyses. He was also an official registered analyst for the government’s chemical analysis monitoring program of all fertilizers registered in Western Australia.

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