A Full Range of High-Quality Grow Lights for Beginners and Pros

We offer a large variety of lighting sources that can be used as grow lights for hydroponic production and gardening. Our range includes simple fluorescent tubes up to Full Spectrum LED lights, HPS, MH and CMH. We’ve selected our hydroponic grow lights from the best manufacturers in the business. Clearly, it’s important to use the right type of lighting depending on a number of factors. These include the growing stage of your plants, the size of your setup, and your budget. If you’re unsure, please ask our knowledgeable staff for guidance. For instance, if you’re just starting to grow then why not buy a complete grow light starter system?


LED Grow Lights for efficiency and productivity

With the recent introduction of great performing LED units to the market, efficiency and output has increased dramatically. LED systems are digitally driven, lower energy and longer lasting than traditional systems.

Complete Grow Light systems for any environment

We offer complete grow light systems including lights, digital and magnetic ballasts, reflectors and vented hoods, light hangers, light movers, light controllers, commercial grade lighting, and lighting accessories such as timers etc.

The Grow Shop means quality products and customer satisfaction

We’ve been operating in Coffs Harbour since 2012. During that time, we’ve supplied thousands of high-quality hydroponic solutions to our growing customer base. As a result, our customers remain loyal to us because of our great products, support, advice and value.
All our products are available online and for delivery across Australia, so let’s get growing!

Talk to the experts about grow lights and accessories. Visit or call The Grow Shop today on (02) 6651 9992 or drop us an email here

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