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The Grow Shop provide a complete range of hydroponic cloners and associated equipment. These include rooting hormones, propagation tents and propagation chambers for clones, heat pads, aeroponic cloners, rockwool cubes, Root It Sponges, Ezy Plugs and Grodan Flock. We’ve sourced the best quality and value that the market has to offer. Furthermore, our aeroponic cloners and cloning equipment is all available for order online or directly from our shop in Coffs Harbour. We have experienced hydroponic experts on our team so feel free to ask for guidance or advice.


What is Cloning?

Taking a clone or a cutting , is a great way to preserve your favourite genetics so that seed stock is not required. Simply take clones off a donor plant and strike them to have complete replicars of your donor plant. To achieve good results, you’ll need a few basic items. These might include:

1. A grow media for the clone such as Rockwool, Jiffy pellets, Soil or Coco
2. A propagator (cloner)– this is a container with a lid so you can control the environment and keep humidity around the new clones
3. Propagator lighting – these can be LED or Fluro Lighting
4. A heat mat to control the propagator temperature 22 degrees is optimal
5. A Thermometer and Hygrometer
6. Rooting Hormone
7. Sterile Scalpel

Talk to us about buying a complete hydroponic cloning system.

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We’ve been operating in Coffs Harbour since 2012. During that time, we’ve supplied thousands of high-quality hydroponic solutions to our growing customer base. As a result, our customers remain loyal to us because of our great products, support, advice and value.
All our products are available online and for delivery across Australia, so let’s get growing!

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